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Live Timing

Sports and technology cross in many ways. Live Timing makes motorsport more immersive for all viewers, whether they’re watching from the track or from their own home.

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Azure
  • MobX
  • Redis




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Live Timing is a web application that displays race information to a viewer, such as leaderboards, statistics & times or live position simulation. This data, along with the Live Timing software comes together to create a more immersive and complete racing experience for the viewer.

The idea for this software came about when a business, already existing in the area of motorsport data, approached us here at Finibit with a specific need. That need was a piece of unique software that shows this complex race data in an easy-to-digest manner for an online viewer.



After getting a clear understanding of what the client wanted, we first designed the architecture of the system, and created an MVP to test ideas and other options. Then we set to work in coding the software using a technology stack that best suited the requirements for the software.

Important for both the client and the ongoing maintenance of the software was the documentation. This technical documentation was important for the client so that they could build, configure and run the system the way it was designed to. This documentation was created alongside the software as it was being developed.



Upon completion, our team deployed the new software to Azure. After comprehensive and intense load testing, the software was implemented alongside the data-collection software.

As the program is only used during the racing season, the project was deployed on a scalable cost system. The cost of using the software increases as the utilized resources increase. The benefit for the client here is that during the offseason, little to no resources are used, so they’re not paying for a tool they’re not using. Rather than pay on a monthly, or yearly basis, and only use the tool for half the time, we decided that this pricing model is best for both us and the client.